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The Riot Within

It seems like the smoke is clearing and the dust is settling after a week of rioting on the streets of our UK cities.  Most of us have been shocked, outraged and even scared by these events, and there has been widespread condemnation of the perpetrators of the violence throughout the media, social media, and by politicians and other commentators.  Words have been used varying from 'criminals' to 'scum', and the public have been united with an almost wartime spirit into a heightened state of 'us and them': 'us', brooms held high, keeping calm and carrying on, 'them', thugs, hooligans, cretins, low-life, and mindless yobs.

This kind of polarised language makes those of us on the right side of the fence and the law feel good.  It is comforting to know that the badness, the nastiness, the violence, belongs 'out there', to somebody else. Why should we care about such people?  But let's pause for a second, and take an imaginative leap.  Ea…

New! 'Boobylicious Baby Feeders' Unique Portable Travel System

Introducing the Boobylicious Baby Feeders Unique Portable Travel System, allowing busy mums on the go to feed their babies literally ANYWHERE.

Our Boobylicious Baby Feeders boast the following unique features.  You won't find them on any other feeding system!

Patented 'Carry-Along' Function: so you never get caught without feeding equipment.Built-In Warmers: milk at the exact temperature you need it.Never-Ending Supply: unique 'Top-Up Technology' makes more milk even while your baby is feeding.Tailor-Made Nutrition: exactly what your baby needs from birth to toddlerhood.Ready To Use: no need to wash or sterilise after every feed.100% Safe, Guaranteed:  no child has ever been harmed by the feeders or their contents.
All of these features in a size and style to suit you!

Plus!  Free, no obligation trial available to new mothers.
(Only two per customer.  Contents may vary.)