Sunday, 5 August 2012

New Water Birth Book edited by Yours Truly...and I need your stories!

I'm extremely excited to announce that I have been asked to edit a book - Water Birth: Stories to Inspire and Inform, to be published by Lonely Scribe. For me, the chance to immerse myself in a subject that I am so very passionate about, coupled with the fact that at the end of the process I will hold my book in my hands...well, it just couldn't get any better!

The book will be about nine or ten months in the gestational stage, then spend it's fourth trimester with the publisher, so we are hoping to introduce it to the world around about July 2013.

I'll obviously be blogging about the process along the way, and hopefully readers of The Mule will be able to help me out, as I am looking for stories of birth involving water. I'm hoping that the book will offer a wide variety of stories from different perspectives and serve to educate and inspire readers about the use and benefits of water during labour and delivery.

This might be -

  • a classic home or hospital birth pool experience
  • labour or delivery in the shower, hot tub or bath
  • a birth or labour in open water for example a river or the sea.

Most stories will be from birthing women, but the book will also offer other viewpoints: for example -

  • fathers
  • elder siblings 
  • grandparents
  • midwives
  • doctors
  • doulas

It is also hoped that one or two pioneers and experts in the field of Water Birth will contribute stories, but all stories will sit side by side offering equal value and insight.

My hope is that the book will inspire and inform anyone with an interest in birth as a positive, natural, normal and unmedicated experience that empowers new mothers and gives babies the best start in life. It will offer evidence based information about the use of water in labour and birth as well as first hand experiences and view points from those who have found it helpful.

If you'd like to share a birth story please get in touch with me: We can discuss your contribution and I will then send you the Guidelines for Contributors. 
The book has a Facebook page and is Twittering @waterbirthbook.
I'm very excited about this project and can't wait to read all your wonderful stories!

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  1. Congratulations. Writing / editing a book is a huge challenge
    but rewarding too - like parenthood really!
    Oh and shameless plug - mine comes out in October. I'll send you a review copy if you like.