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Welcome to my blog...

I'm Milli Hill, a mother of three small children, and a writer.

I'm interested in early attachment, breastfeeding, positive birth, evidence based parenting, and the rights of women and children. I am the founder of The Positive Birth Movement.

I'm also a 'stay at home mum' and most of my energy and passion is currently directed towards my three children, Bess, 9, Ursula, 7, and Albie, 3.

You can keep up with my latest posts on facebook, or on twitter @millihill.


My first book, The Positive Birth Book, was published by Pinter and Martin in March 2017!

I am a columnist for Telegraph Women.

I was a weekly Columnist for from 2013 to 2015 and wrote for them mainly about pregnancy and childbirth, breastfeeding and early parenting.

I am the editor of Water Birth: Stories to Inspire and Inform, published by Lonely Scribe  and available on Amazon UK and Amazon US, and several other online bookstores.

I contributed a chapter to The Roar Behind the Silence: Why Kindness, Compassion and Respect matter in Maternity Care, published by Pinter and Martin in February 2015.

I also write for the Guardian, the Telegraph, and the Huffington Post.

If you would like me to write for you, or would like to contact me about media enquiries, please get in touch. Email me or find me on twitter @millihill.

Popular posts from this blog

'Childism' - As Utterly Unacceptable as Sexism and Racism

In the past few decades, mankind has had to shake up their attitudes about a number of things. It is no longer considered to be 'ok' to degrade, humiliate, taunt or insult another human being on the grounds of their sex, race or sexuality. It still happens of course, but it is not considered acceptable. Make a sexist or racist joke down your local pub and you might get away with it. But post an image on Facebook that derides another human being, and you're likely to be reported or even prosecuted. That is, unless that image is of a child. Then it's ok. These images have been doing the rounds this week. Most commenters seem to agree that they are 'hilarious': "Comedy Gold' "Gave me a smile - thanks" "A bit of humour" "I just love this!" I beg to differ. The children in these pictures look sad, and humiliated. At a time when they clearly need help to sort out their sibling rivalries and calm their emotional

While I Nurse You To Sleep...

While I nurse you to sleep...  I.. . rest .   For the first time today, I am still.  I am not lifting, carrying, holding, bending, reaching, stretching, scrubbing, wiping, hauling, or lugging. Here in this dark room I lie beside you and allow my body and mind to come to stillness after the chaos of our day. You suck, and tug, you fiddle, and fuss...and slowly come to stillness too, until we both are still, and both are resting...I wait, momentarily, and then, I slowly slide away and leave you sleeping. While I nurse you to sleep... I...take stock. I turn over in my mind, the contents of the fridge, the washing on the floor, the money in the bank. I count up the years I've had so far and the years I might have left. I work out how old I will be when you are the age I am now - thirty seven - seventy two. I hope I make it. I count the eggs you already have in your body and those I have in mine and I wonder at the people they may become. I think about the person I was before I met

What Kind of Woman Breastfeeds a Toddler?

"What kind of woman breastfeeds a toddler?" : this question has been asked this week in a variety of tones, ranging from total disgust to mildly shocked curiosity. Much has been made of the fact that Jamie Lynne Grumet, the woman pictured nursing her three year old son on the cover of last week's Time , is 'young and pretty'. There's apparently been some shock that a woman who looks like a trendily dressed model would behave in such a way. It seems like a lot of people associate extended breastfeeding with a very different kind of woman - stereotypically larger, rounder, hairier, hippier, older, uglier and weirder it would seem. This got me thinking. What kind of woman actually nurses her child beyond one? This week I've put the word out and asked mothers who do to send me a picture and a few details about themselves, including their reasons for keeping on breastfeeding. The Time cover, for all its faults, has in many ways paved the way for other women t